You have the right to protect yourself.

The people of South Africa are once again caught in the grips of liberal tyranny and oppression. And once again they are being disarmed. This is nothing new in South Africa. After the ANC took over, people were politely encouraged to hand in their weapons at their nearest police station. Only to realise much later that those same guns mysteriously got resold into the million dollar per year underground arms market.

“There is no right to bear arms in our constitution and the Firearms Control Act in its current form grants no such right to citizens either. Owning a gun in this country remains a privilege made possible through the Firearms Controls Act” – Bheki Cele (Minister of Police in South Africa). This is a bleak but true reality in South Africa. The constitution does not give citizens the right to protect themselves. 

Except that it does! Mr. Cele is obviously misinterpreting the constitution when he says otherwise. Section 12 states: Every person has the right to security and freedom. Now, Cele argues that we have ample security in South Africa. We have a police force and an army. But if this was true, South Africa wouldn’t be one of the most dangerous places in the world to live. We have more rape and murder, not to mention thefts, than anywhere else in Africa. 

In conclusion, South Africa is a victim to liberal tyranny. Bordering on full blown fascism. The government sector wants to rule, but they are incapable of doing so, because they are being paid by the criminal underground, and business is good. So my fellow South Africans. Keep your guns safe and your families safer. This ride is only just beginning.